Square savoury shell & Italian quiche

Square savoury shell & Italian quiche


Square savoury shells (4 pieces)
Tomatoes 480g
Mozzarella cheese 700g
Fresh basil 24g
Green pesto 200g
Eggs 600g
Cream 600g
Parmezan cheese 120g
Fresh pepper 4g
Salt 8g
Parmezan cheese (for decoration)
Rocket (for decoration)
Tomatoes (for decoration)
Basil (for decoration)


Filling: Place approx. 120g of cut-in-half tomatoes in each shell.
Cut the Mozzarella and place approx.175g in each shell. Cut the
basil and place approx. 6g in each shell. Divide approx. 50g of
green pesto on the bottom of each shell.
Appareil: Shave the parmezan cheese and mix together with the
eggs, cream, salt, and fresh pepper. Place approx. 325g of the
mixture in each shell and bake for 25 minutes at 170°C.
Decorate with parmezan cheese, rocket, tomatoes and fresh basil.

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