About Smilde Bakery

Pushing Baking Boundaries

In order to better address the diverse needs of our customers and consumers, Smilde Bakery continuously challenges herself to push the boundaries.  We do this by listening to our customers, and applying our extensive mix of bakery products and deep-seated craftsmanship. With these building blocks, we develop and bake the right, undeniably tasty products over and over again.

Our most well-known brands are Pruvé and Van de Leur (for businesses) and HomeMade (for consumers).

Sales in the Netherlands and Worldwide

In the Netherlands, we have dedicated teams of account managers for all our target markets; retail, food service, artisan bakery and industrial bakeries. In Germany, Belgium, France and the UK we have our own sales offices. We cater to the global market with exclusive distributors and by partnering with companies in the bakery industry. Our products can be found in supermarkets throughout the whole of Europe, the US, the Middle-East, South-Africa and as of recently, China.

Smilde Bakery has 3 production facilities in the Netherlands. Our facility in Edam includes 11 different production lines to produce unbaked and baked snacks and to freeze them. We can handle different dough types; ranging from typical Dutch puff pastry and pie crust doughs, such as shortcrust pastry up to yeast-leavened dough and shortbread pastry. We make the snacks on production lines that can handle several techniques, like touring, hacking, rolling out and dose fillings. The Van de Leur products are being made in Bolsward, a production facility that allows us to make sweet and savoury products of yeast dough and cake. The Petits Fours of Van de Leur are being produced in our production facility in Heerenveen. The HomeMade facility in Roden is specially designed to compose "complete powders"; baking mixes including egg and butter in powder form, where we add bits of chocolate, caramel or anything else. HomeMade has a special assembly line where we can assemble baking kits containing mix, decorations, fillings and alike.

The Bakery Development Center

The Bakery Development centre of Smilde Bakery is a unique combination of traditionally schooled, experienced bakers and expert food technologists. It is the breeding ground of our organisation; where we scout for new technology, optimise products and where in close collaboration with marketing we work diligently on developing new concepts.

Marketing: concept development, inspiration and story telling

The consumer is key! We mix trend and category analysis, customer requests with consumer insights to define innovative concepts. We take the time to bring the customer and the consumer to the drawing board, in alignment with the sales team and the Bakery Development centre.

We also provide inspiration and story telling; we support our customers and distributors in telling the story behind our products in order to market them effectively. We provide recipe and serving suggestions on how our products can tap in to fesivities and seasons. Take a look in inspiration

Working document showing our thoughts on POS material to tell the story behind our high-end sausage roll with pure origin Lakenvelder beaf.
Inspiring organisations catering to children how our fill-off pastry products can be used to easily decorate cakes.

Business and customer support

We realize that in current dynamic and demanding market, fast time to market and utmost care is crucial. Therefor, we've dedicated a team specifically to adequately deal with product requests and customer queries. Our Business and Customer Support team ensures a seemless transition from small scale product development to full scale production and launch.