Hazelnut praline tart

Hazelnut Praline tart


Turko 18cm (8 pieces for 4 tarts)
Sugar (800g for cream, 100g for nougatine)
Water (200g for cream, 10g for nougatine)
Egg yolk 300g
Butter (1000g for cream, 100g for nougatine)
Vanila 1 stick
Hazelnut paste 120g
Glucose 100g
Hazelnut 130g
Salt 4g
Dobla chocolate decoration
Gold (for decoration)

Cream au beurre: Bring the sugar and water to the boil to 120°C. Mix with
the lightly whipped egg yolk. Lightly whip and add the hazelnut paste
and butter at 40°C.
Hazelnut nougatine: Melt the glucose with sugar and water. Mix gently
with the butter (in smaller pieces). Spread the mixture in a baking tin and
bake for 10-15 minutes at 160°C.
Spread a layer of the cream au beurre on a Turko disc, and place another
disc on top. Then, add a smaller layer of cream au beure and place
the hazelnut nougatine on top. Decorate with gold, hazelnut and chocolate.

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