Flower Shell & Orange

Flower Shell & Orange

Flower shell
Lemon puree 27g
Mandarin puree 480g
Gelatin 17g
Sugar (80g for mousse, 263g for biscuit)
Egg-whites (80g for mousse, 297g for biscuit)
Cream 400g
Creampowder 17g
Flour 169g
Egg yolk 237g
Lime peel shavings 17g
Mascarpone 120g
Mandarin (cut into wedges)
Meringue drops

Mandarin mascarpone mousse: Soften the gelatin in cold water. Bring the lemon puree and sugar to the boil and cook until
120 °C. Add to the lightly beaten eff whites and beat until stiff. Heat a small portion of the mandarin puree and combine with
the softened gelatin. Add the remaining cold mandarin puree. Mix all gently with the whipped cream, meringue and mascarpone.
Biscuit: Whip the sugar and egg-whites until firm. Beat the egg yolks lightly and add to the whipped egg-whites. Mix the
cream powder, flour, and lime peel shaving gently through the mixture and spread the mixture into thick rounds. Bake the
rounds in the oven at 220 °C.
Place a round of biscuit in the flower shell and put the mandarin mascarpone mousse on top.
Decorate the shell with mandarin wedges and meringue drops. Add some lime peel shaving for a fresh touch.


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