Flower shell & Chocolate red fruit

Flowershell & Chocolate red fruit


Flower shells (10 pieces)
Milk 125g
Cream 125g
Sugar 110g (80g for mousse, 30g for gel)
Egg yolk 38g
Dark chocolate 66% 250g
Whipped cream 375g
Forest fruit puree 184g
Pectin 3g
Glucose 21g
Invert sugar 12g
Meringue dropsy (for decoration)
Dobla chocolate spaghetti (for decoration)
Fresh forrest fruit (for decoration)


Chocolate mousse: Bring the cream and milk to the boil. Add to the lightly
beaten egg yolks and sugar, and heat to 84°C to make an anglaise.
Make a ganache with the dark chocolate and the anglaise. Mix all gently
with the whipped cream at approximately 35°C.
Red fruit gel: Mix the pectin and the sugar. Heat the forest fruit puree together
with the glucose and invert sugar. Add the pectin sugar mixture
and heat to 60°C.
Decorate with the meringue dropsy, chocolate decoration and the fresh
forrest fruit.

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