• Which brand names belong to Smilde Bakery?

    Smilde Bakery markets the business-to-business brand of Pruvé. Smilde Bakery’s consumer brands are HomeMade and Van Welzen. Smilde Bakery is also part of Family Brands, in which we collaborate with the brands Dobla and Van de Leur to strenghten our power in the traditional bakery market.

  • When was Smilde Bakery established?

    The trading name Smilde Bakery was introduced on 1 January 2005. This trading name became a B.V. in January 2007, merging the companies mentioned below. The legal entity of Van Welzen Bakkerijen B.V. in Bodegraven was founded in 1928. Pruvé B.V. in Edam was founded in 1960. deGoede B.V. in Mijdrecht was founded in 1929.

  • What does Smilde Bakery stand for?

    Smilde Bakery is the legal name under which the former legal entities of Pruvé B.V. in Edam and Van Welzen Bakkerijen B.V. in Bodegraven conduct their business. As a divisional bakery, Smilde Bakery forms part of Royal Smilde, an internationally operating group that has been active in the food industry since 1863.

  • How many people are employed by Smilde Bakery?

    Smilde Bakery employs approximately 250 people in total.

  • Are there possibilities for an internship at Smilde Bakery?

    Our capacity for internships or study assignments varies. To find out what the current options are, we request you to inform us through email of what you are looking for.

  • I would like to ask Smilde Bakery for a sponsorship. What are the possibilities?

    Smilde Bakery sponsors various (local) social and sporting initiatives. We carefully evaluate each request and decide whether we do a sponsorship and whether it will be monetary or in kind. If you have a sponsorship request, please submit it via the contact form or per e-mail (info@smildebakery.com).