Crystal shell & Pistachio

Crystal shell & Pistachio


Crystal shell
Pistachio powder 124g (and some for decoration)
Flour 74g
Egg-whites 372g
Sugar (428g for biscuit, 91g for crème)
Milk 606g
Cream 121g
Starch 61g
Egg yolk 30g
1 Vanilla stick
Fruit for decoration (strawberry, blueberry)
Chocolate decoration
Meringue drops


Pistache biscuit: Mix the sugar (56g), flour, and pistachio powder. Whisk the sugar (372g) and egg-whites until stiff. Add the previous mixture to the meringue. Put the mixture in a baking tin and sprinkle with pistache shaving. Bake at 190 °C. Crème patisserie: Dissolve the starch in the cream. Mix with the egg yolks and pass through a sieve. Heat the milk, sugar, and scraped vanilla seads. Add the previous mixture and cook till 100°C. First, fill the shell with crème and place a round of biscuit on top. Decorate the shell with fresh fruit, meringue drops and chocolate decoration. Sprinkle some pistachio powder on top of the shell.

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