Creamhorn & Swiss cream lime

Creamhorn & Swiss cream lime


Creamhorns (10 pieces)
Milk 250g
Lime juice 35g
Lime zest 7g
Vanilla 1 stick
Sugar 64g
Egg yolk 71g
Cream powder 28g
Whipped cream 200g
Meringue straws or drops 40g
Lemon curd 30g
Candied lime


Cream Swiss lime: Heat the milk, lime juice, lime zest, together
with 36 grams of sugar. Mix the cream powder with the remaining
sugar and egg yolk and add to the milk lime mixture. Cook till
100°C (as a custard cream), and let it cool down. Mix all gently
with the whipped cream.
Fill the creamhorns with the mixture and decorate with the lemon
curd, candied lime, and meringue decoration.

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