Collaboration with suppliers and customers

Collaboration with suppliers and customers

Here at Smilde Bakery, we enjoy building lasting relationships with other parties, so that we together may come to beautiful and innovative ideas. Our partnerships with suppliers are not just limited to the Netherlands, we also actively seek out international opportunities and new concepts with our partners. We would like to share some of the stories (also known as ‘cases’) about our successful collaborations with you here.

Curious? Have a look at the examples/cases below, or contact us to discuss the options for collaborating with Smilde Bakery.


Sausage roll Vegetarian Butcher

The number 1 Dutch snack is now available for the fast-growing number of flexitarians and vegetarians. Smilde Bakery, in collaboration with the world’s first Vegetarian Butcher, introduced the vegetarian sausage...

Co-branding Beemster Cheese roll

Co-branding Beemster Cheese roll It’s a classic by now; the Beemster cheese pastry that Smilde Bakery developed in close coordination with Beemster Cheese. Beemster is a well-known and acclaimed consumer...

Lakenvelder Beef sausage roll together with the Lakenvelder Foundation

The popularity of the typical Dutch Lakenvelder is growing exponentially over the last couple of years.

Always a tailor made solution

More examples of our collaborations with suppliers and customers;

Need for tailor made products?

Next to our extensive assortment, we also offer tailor made solutions. We gladly explore the options with you.

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