Pruvé is Smilde Bakery’s famous B2B brand. With over 50 years of experience and deep roots in the traditional market, Pruvé is the specialist in “fill off” pastry products and “bake off” snacks. Most products involve puff pastry and meringue, but Pruvé also handles other doughs including tartlets and cream puffs.

Pruvé is the brand behind more than 500 products, part of them standard assortment and a part of them specifically made in collaboration with a client. Ask about the possibilities!

Van de Leur

Since January 2016, Van de Leur Banketspecialiteiten BV, located in Bolsward NL, is part of Royal Smilde. Amongst others, Van de Leur is famous for their pie cakes and short crust tartlets. Van de Leur works with its own recipe and uses only the best ingredients.

HomeMade: baking for everyone

With our HomeMade products, you will produce the loveliest treats in no time. You can skip milk, eggs and butter, all you need is water! The HomeMade products are of the best traditional quality. All of our lovely treats have that genuine traditional, home-made flavour. HomeMade lets you enjoy baking at home!

Pruvé and co-branding

Co-branding: Pruvé also has a number of co-branded products; in collaboration with large A-brands we have developed snacks including the “Vegetarian Sausage roll”, the “Beemster Cheese roll, “Mora Chicken Satay snack” and the “Unox rookworst [smoked sausage] roll”.