Pushing bakings boundaries

Together with our co-workers, customers and suppliers, we use our skills to develop the best possible bakery products. Products that meet today's needs.

Our brands
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Royal Smilde

Smilde Bakery is a division of Royal Smilde; a renowned internationally operating food company - founded in 1863. Royal Smilde has 4 production facilities in the Netherlands, it has sales offices in Belgium, Germany, France and England, along with a worldwide distribution network.

Royal Smilde

Diverse range and distribution

We cater to various markets with our range of pastry "fill off" products, "bake off" snacks, meringues, baking mixes and seasonal banquets. Consumers enjoy our products at the local bakery, the supermarket, in restaurants, stations, airports, fuel stations, hospitals and schools - both in the Netherlands and worldwide.

Our Products

Sausage roll Vegetarian Butcher

The number 1 Dutch snack is now available for the fast-growing number of flexitarians and vegetarians. Smilde Bakery, in collaboration with the world’s first Vegetarian Butcher, introduced the vegetarian sausage…


Inspiration Summer

Our fill-off pastry and meringue assortment goes amazingly well with a fresh and fruity filling. Have a look at our inspiration and summer recipe tips here.


“As a family owned business, we aim for continuity and quality. For the sake of our customers, suppliers and employees. ” Dirk Smilde (3rd generation Smilde)